The Non-Alcoholic Spirits Club

The Origin of “The 1651 Club”

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According to Reynald Grattagliano, distillation involves a vital process.

“Distillation is the art of removing these precious chemicals via high-pressure steam or a mix of steam and boiling water,” Reynald said. “To begin distillation, the appropriate amount of plant material is packed into a hopper. The canister is sealed to create atmospheric pressure,” he explained further.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits Alternative, a Legacy from Reynald’s Great Grandfather

Reynald is an expert in distillation as he is the great-grandson of Eugene Richelmi, the world’s first one to distillate the first alcohol-free vermouth “PASQUALI” back in 1906. PASQUALI is a local aperitif wine-based similar today to Cinzano or Martini, but alcohol- free.

Eugene Richelmi is known as the ancestor of the non-alcoholic spirits alternative.

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