Is ''The 1651 Club'' for You?


Only YOU can decide whether you want to give The 1651 Club a try—whether you think it can help you or not. The 1651 Club offers a free service that will give you advises how to control your drinking. Remember, there is no disgrace in facing up to the fact that you want to stay away from liquors.

By joining the club you will receive a monthly newsletter informing you about the alcohol free drinks that are available in your area and giving you some Alcohol Free Cocktails recipes.

Alcohol Free Cocktails are great for social situations and a fun alternative to sparkling water or soda. Luckily, for consumers who are passing on the bottomless booze part of brunch, but still want bold, complex drinks, many beverages companies in the US have made it a point to expand their collection to include an extensive list of Alcohol Free Cocktails.

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